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Dry Cleaning Pick-Up and Delivery Services in Westwood

Clean clothing is a top priority for almost everyone. However, today's modern world of busy schedules does not always make it easy to prioritize fitting in dropping off and picking up your dry cleaning. This important and simple task takes two visits, and for many busy Westwood locals, this is two visits too many. This is why at Spring Cleaners, we provide you with affordable, fast and reliable dry cleaning pick up and delivery service. We will come to your house and do all the work for you. We are proud to provide friendly, professional and reliable service to families in Westwood, call us today to find out more!

We Dry Clean Rugs, Duvets, and Curtains!

Large items such as area rugs, duvets, curtains, drapes or large gowns are next to impossible to launder at home. Leave it to us. We are happy to pick up any large area rugs or other fussy items you may need dry cleaned. It is our specialty. We care about your family, which is why we provide

No Need to Worry About Transportation

When you have a large family with strollers, car seats and pets, it is not always convenient to fill up your car with large loads of dry cleaning. Needless to say, it is even more difficult traveling on public transportation with your dry cleaning in hand. Avoid the hassle by calling us and arranging for our dry-cleaning pick up and delivery service. No more embarrassing rides on the subway with all your dry cleaning in hand. We are happy to do pick ups anytime in the Westwood area.

Easy Pick up Scheduling

No matter what your scheduling needs are, we are here to work around them. Consistent, dependable scheduling ensures that your dry cleaning does not get forgotten and left forever at the dry cleaner's. As soon as your items are ready, we will deliver them back to you at your earliest convenience!

Free Time!

One less task for you to worry about is that much more quality time for you to spend on you time or with our family. We are happy to take these important but inconvenient tasks off your plate so you can spend more time around the dinner table with those who matter most.

Affordable, Friendly Dry Cleaning Service

We are here to listen to your concerns and answer your questions. We know that your items are important to you, so please let us know of any specifications you would like us to keep in mind. Don't be shy, we are here to make your life easier on your terms!

Safe, Non-toxic Detergents

We care about your items and more so, we care about the health and safety of your family. That is why we use non-toxic products on all your garments that we service. Attempting to dry clean or launder large items at home may require the use of harmful and toxic chemicals that produce fumes and waste. Leave it to us to clean your articles thoroughly while maintaining the highest standard of service while avoiding toxic chemicals.


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