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Dry Cleaner, Laundry Service and Drop Off Laundry
Dry Cleaner, Laundry Service and Drop Off Laundry
Dry Cleaner, Laundry Service and Drop Off Laundry

Dry Cleaning in Playa Del Rey

Spring Cleaners: The Top Dry Cleaning Service in Playa Del Rey

Are you someone who dry cleans your clothing regularly? Perhaps you only swing by the cleaners on special occasions, like weddings, birthdays or corporate events. Whichever the reason, Spring Cleaners is here to provide you with full service dry cleaning facilities. We offer efficient, effective and affordable services that will leave your most prized garments looking as good as new! We take great pride in the work we do and are especially careful with delicate pieces. When you choose our company for your Playa Del Rey fabrics, garments and linen you get optimal results, quality workmanship and guaranteed satisfaction.

Reliable Dry Cleaning Services

If you have been searching for an, affordable, and reliable dry cleaning option, look no further! Spring Cleaners will not disappoint! We do our very best to provide Playa Del Rey with efficient, accommodating and hassle-free dry cleaning services.

Our main goal is to save you time and money! Our team of seasoned professionals are happy to provide you with flexible pickup and delivery. This will save you multiple trips to the cleaner and give you the freedom to go about your daily routine without any interruption! Our flexible and easy going scheduling paired with our excellent customer service guarantees exceptional results! We'll have your linens back to you in no time at all, freshly pressed, fluffed, and immaculately folded.

Pick-up and Delivery

Our top quality laundry and dry cleaning service in Playa Del Rey ensures that your clothing and home décor are returned to you in mint condition! Our dedicated and professional staff can clean nearly anything, from carpets and curtains to duvets, napkins, delicate linens and tablecloths.

Hiring Spring Cleaners as your dry cleaning professionals will add longevity to your your garments, fabrics and most valued pieces. Feel free to call today and schedule a pick-up and delivery time that is most convenient for you. Allow us take care of the heavy lifting. You'll never have to worry about dragging around oversized fabrics and piles of clothing ever again when you hire us as your dry cleaning company.

Environmentally Friendly Products

Our business has earned itself a great reputation over the years and we couldn't be prouder. This is mainly due to our company commitment to client care. We always provide high quality services, whether we are dry cleaning bedroom linens or a wedding gown, no item is too big or small.

Spring Cleaners is one of the few companies who is able to clean elaborate pieces, and we do this with non-toxic, eco-friendly products! By avoiding the use of harmful chemicals and fumes produced by ordinary household products; we not only help the environment but save you from inhaling and wearing those very chemicals.

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Spring Cleaners strives to not only meet our Playa del Rey customer's expectations but exceed them. For further inquiries, details or concerns in regards to finicky fabrics or hard to remove stains, call us today! We look forward to providing you with state-of-the-art dry cleaning and exceptional, competitively priced services!


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