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Laundry Services

Everyone wants clean clothes. But finding the time to do laundry can be difficult. Between work and taking care of a family, who has the time to do a few loads of laundry or an hour or two to sit and wait around at a laundromat? Imagine if you could hire someone to swing by your house, pick up your dirty laundry, clean it, fold it, and bring it back to you? Well, imagine no more! Spring Cleaners is here to turn that daydream into a reality. We are a laundry cleaning company offering pick up and delivery services to the community.

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How Does Laundry Pick Up and Delivery Work?

It's easy and stress-free. We promise. Simply phone our team to schedule a laundry pick up and delivery time that works the best for you. Once that part is finished, you can count on us to arrive on time to collect soiled laundry. Once your clothing is in our possession, we treat it with great care and respect, taking it back to our facility to clean it with our state-of-the-art tools. After that, we professionally fold or hang your garments so they're ready to travel back to you for on-time delivery. This means your clean laundry will always be ready when you need it.

We Wash and Fold Many Types of Clothing

Our expert technicians are hand-selected and trained to the highest standards on how to remove dirt, grime, odor, food stains, and more safely and effectively from clothing of many different types. However, there are some items we recommend hand washing or dry cleaning only because of the material instruction you will find written on the tags. Some of the things we don't recommend traditional machine washing for include:

  • Suits
  • Garments that are endowed with beads, gems, or sparkles
  • Clothing that includes a zipper
  • Swimwear
  • Bras
  • Some types of throw blanket materials
  • Shoes
  • Ties
  • Lace and other types of delicate materials
  • Pillows

It is important to note this is not a complete list. If you are unsure whether an item is suitable for washing, our experts are happy to help you decide. Consult with us at no-obligation to learn more.

Need to do Your Laundry Quickly?

We're renowned for our quick turnarounds and impeccable attention to detail. If you need to do your laundry quickly, we're the perfect fit. Call us to schedule pick up and drop-off times that are most convenient for you.

Linen Service

We offer meticulously clean linen services to residential and commercial clients. We know keeping your home or business clean and smelling fresh is important to you, and we assist you in taking care of the details during one-time services or on a regular basis. Would you like to learn more about how our laundry experts save you time and money? Book a risk-free consultation with us to learn more.

Commercial Laundry Service

We strive to make our first-class commercial laundry service available to businesses of all types by delivering full-service laundry options that align with your organization's goals. Some of our recent clients have included:

  • Airlines
  • Hotels
  • Hospitality services

Do you have questions about how we can contribute to the growth and success of your company? Connect with us to explore cost-saving options.

Let Us Be Your Dedicated Clothes Cleaner

Handing over your favorite outfits and the clothing you've invested in to create your personal style requires trust. We'd like the opportunity for you to get to know our professionals better so you can feel comfortable in selecting us to be your dedicated clothes cleaner. Book a consultation with our pros today.

The best laundry delivery service in El Segundo

Definitely! We will follow any drying instructions that you give us. Just make sure you let us know which garments you would like to be hung to dry and which you would like to be tumble dried.

Do you mix my clothes with other people’s clothes?

No, never. We wash, dry, and fold each customer’s clothing separately. You never have to worry about a garment being accidentally stuck into someone else’s load, or your clothes coming into contact with someone else’s dirty laundry.

Can you use my special detergent?

Of course. If you have a special laundry detergent you want us to use, either because of an allergy or sensitivity or simply because you prefer it, we’re happy to use it. Just provide us with enough of the detergent to do your laundry and we will make sure no other detergent touches your clothes.

Is there a minimum weight for a laundry order?

Yes. Our minimum weight for a wash and fold order is ten pounds. This is roughly equivalent to a standard load of laundry. A small laundry basket should contain about ten pounds of laundry. A large laundry basket often contains about twenty pounds.

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