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Dry Cleaning in El Segundo

If you are looking to hire a professional dry cleaning service in El Segundo and the surrounding area, Spring Cleaners is happy to be of service. We’ve provided our clients with detail-oriented, respect-driven, safe, and effective dry cleaning services for years. Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to build an excellent reputation, and we look forward to sharing our expertise with you.

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Effective Dry Cleaning for Stain Removal and More

While many of our clients opt for dry cleaning services to care for their most expensive and fragile clothing pieces, others hire us for general convenience or tricky stain removal. Not only will our experts treat your garments with the utmost care and respect, but we can work to remove stains that simply cannot be handled using at-home cleaning products.

When you put your garments in the care of our professional dry cleaners, you can rest assured that they will be returned to you in better condition than which you left them.

Over the years, we’ve developed reliable techniques and have kept up with industry innovations to bring you a service you can count on again and again.

If you wish to request a service, we invite you to reach us today.

Convenient Dry-Cleaning Services

Not only does dry cleaning ensure that your clothes stay in excellent condition, but it can also be a very convenient option for busy individuals. When you don’t have to worry about carefully washing and drying your garments, you have more time to focus on the things that matter most to you, like spending time with family, growing your career, or enjoying your day off.

Our team is proud to offer flexible scheduling and works hard to accommodate your needs as best we can. If you have concerns about pick-ups or drop-offs, our team is just a phone call away. We are always happy to chat with you and will work to find a solution to any problem that occurs.

Delivery Available for Your Dry-Cleaning Services

Are you too busy to pick up and drop off your dry cleaning at our location? We will be happy to come to get it from your home or office and drop it off as soon as it’s ready to go.

Dry Cleaning for Commercial Clients

Although we work with individual patrons, our team has become one of the most renowned dry-cleaning services among commercial clients. If you manage an airline, a restaurant, a hotel, or any other business that requires linens, we want to help you keep things pristine clean.

Find Great Rates on Superior Dry Cleaning Services

Besides being the most trusted dry cleaning business in the area, we also offer our services at great rates, completely unmatched by the competition. We know that every client has a unique budget, and we will try and accommodate you.

If you’d like to learn more about pricing, contact us by phone or email today.

What are the benefits of dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a very effective cleaning process that can remove stains and dirt from clothing and other fabrics without risking shrinkage or damage. Traditional laundry services, using soap and water, can shrink, damage, or discolor clothing, while dry cleaning just cleans while protecting the clothing. For some fabrics and garments, dry cleaning is the only safe option.

What is the difference between dry cleaning and doing my laundry at home?

Dry cleaning is called “dry” cleaning because it does not use water. However, it does use liquid cleaning fluid. Here at Spring Cleaners, we employ a gentle, environmentally friendly cleaning solvent that works to remove stains without risking damage to the garment being cleaned. Doing your laundry at home can lead to damage, shrinkage, or garments losing their colors. Some clothing can be washed at home without much worry, but other types of garments should never just be thrown in a washing machine. Check your clothing’s care tags before washing them.

When a garment’s label says “washable” does that mean it cannot be dry cleaned?

No. This label only means that it is safe to wash the garment using traditional methods. It may or may not be safe to be dry cleaned. If you are unsure, bring the garment in and discuss it with your dry cleaner first.

Are there health problems linked to dry cleaning?

While some chemicals used in dry cleaning can be harmful when you are exposed to high levels, the amount that you will be exposed to via your clothing is not nearly high enough to cause any health problems.

Does frequent dry cleaning shorten the life of a garment?

No. On the contrary, dry cleaning actually extends the life of garments, because unlike water washing, dry cleaning does not slowly degrade the quality of the clothing. Instead, it removes dirt and stains, and can restore and preserve the integrity of the garment.

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